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Internaxis Sdn Bhd

Internaxis Sdn Bhd is your leading distributor in technical excellent in machinery field. Established since 2002, we have been serving our nation’s needs with broad range of machinery tools. During the early days of our business, our primary business involved CNC machines sales and services. Currently, we have expanded our business to multiple machinery related works such as spare parts sourcing, machines relocation and PBCs repair control.  We are also the proud authorized dealer and service for ENSHU.

Our Services

CNC Machines Sales CNC also known as computer numerical control is a device that is utilized in manufacturing industries to control machine tools. Grinders, mills, lathes and routers are among the tools that can be controlled using this device. At Internaxis Sdn Bhd, we are your most up-to-date CNC machines marketplace. We supply new and used CNC machines to our customers. We are specialized in a wide variety of popular brands CNC machines. We do not only provide latest technology CNC inventory in the industry but also educate and consult our customers. We offer free preventive maintenance tips to ensure that the CNC machines run at peak performance and avoid unplanned downtime.

Maintenance of CNC Machines

Exactly how you maintain your vehicle by performing regular basis maintenance, similarly you have to ensure that the CNC machines are properly maintained. By performing regular maintenance, the lifespan of the CNC machine can be increased intensely.  Regular maintenance can help prevent problems while also detecting problems early on before they lead to extensive and high cost damage. Internaxis Sdn Bhd has a team of skillful technicians to ensure that the CNC machines are kept in premier working order. We also can assure that our customer’s business does not need to suffer from any downtime.

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